Refer a Client

How to refer a client:
  1. You must be a Community Law Centre

  2. Check the matter comes within the current practice areas.

  3. Click "Apply Here" for our online form

(If you don't have remote access when working with your client, you can download the hardcopy form)




Before applying:

  1. Refer your client to our terms and conditions

  2. Confirm with your client that they accept our terms and conditions

  3. Collect the following eligibility information from your client:
  • family income

  • number of people in household

  • value of family home and mortgage owing (if owned)

  • cash or savings

  • other assets and debts

What happens next:

We will process the application to see if the matter is eligible for a referral. 

We may request more information from you or the client. 

We will tell the client if the matter is eligible and post it on the pro bono portal.

What cases are NOT suitable?

Some cases won't be suitable.  Its important our volunteer lawyers feel their contribution is valued and makes a difference. 

  • We don't want cases that have no merit, clients who have had good advice but didn't like it, or litigants who are vexatious or persistent. 

  • We also don't want very low value claims or minor matters of principle. 

  • We don't want legal aid matters (unless the client has tried and failed to find a legal aid lawyer)

  • Some cases won't be suitable because of special circumstances, such as language barriers or sensitive issues.


If you are unsure, contact us first to discuss the referral.