Lawyers and Firms

Why do Pro Bono?

Te Ara Ture exists because we know pro bono has the power to transform lives.  Most legal problems are experienced by just a small number of New Zealanders.  Their problems are often serious – resulting in significant social and economic harm, as well as deteriorating mental and physical health that goes alongside these experiences.

Timely and appropriate pro bono help can lead to significant and lasting results for the client – preventing further harm and helping to rebuild lives.


There are other important and valid reasons for doing pro bono. 

  • It reduces the downstream costs to society of unresolved legal problems

  • It improves job satisfaction, recruitment and retention

  • It develops professional skills and confidence of lawyers

  • It helps to develop firm brand and connections, including with clients and government

  • It supports the positive reputation of the profession

  • It strengthens our democracy


Whatever your reasons and motivations for doing pro bono, we respect those and are pleased to see you here.

Why work with Te Ara Ture?

There are two main reasons for doing pro bono work through Te Ara Ture.


Firstly, we make it easier for you.  We find cases based on your expertise, screen for eligibility, reduce risk, package the work into manageable bundles, and communicate via an efficient online platform. 


Secondly, we target our service at disadvantaged communities.  This means your contribution has the greatest strategic impact on access to justice.  We do this by using our strong networks in the community, such as through community law centres and CABs.

What sort of work can you do?

You can choose what type of work you want to do.  Matters include:


  • Advice matters

  • Legal merits assessments 

  • One-off appearances 

  • Facilitating alternative dispute resolution 

  • Preparation of documents 

  • Representation

  • Litigation

  • Strategic litigation


You can work with individuals or not-for-profits working with disadvantaged communities. 

You can choose how much you do.  There is no obligation to accept referrals. 

You can help to build capability and capacity in legal assistance organisations, such as community law centres, through training and resource development



  • 10% of the population account for 65% of all legal problems

  • These problems are serious - often resulting in poverty, homelessness, or ongoing harm at the hands of others

  • Only 12% of these people seek help from a private lawyer 


  • Pro bono can help people escape from poverty and harm


  • It can strengthen families and communities


  • It can reduce the downstream costs for society of unresolved legal issues


  • Pro bono improves job satisfaction, recruitment and retention 

  • It develops professional skills and confidence of lawyers 

  • It helps to develop your brand and connections, including with clients and government 


We work with pro bono providers, including: 

  •  Firms 

  • Sole practitioners 

  • Barristers 

​If you are in-house or cannot practice on your own account we may not be able to send you referrals.  But there are other ways to get involved.  Register your interest and we will let you know the options available to you.


  • You register with Te Ara Ture and our on-line pro bono portal


  • We receive applications and do an eligibility assessment 

  • We post opportunities on our on-line portal 

  • You submit an expression of interest then conduct a conflict check 

  • You receive the referral and onboard the client with your own Terms of Engagement 


We are currently working with a small number of pro bono providers to test our systems and policies 

From 1 July we will start to grow the number of pro bono providers 


We are preparing a range of documents and processes to help make things easier, including: 

  • Checklists 

  • Template Terms of Engagements 

  • Process maps