Referral Agency Resources


We've developed a few resources to make your job easier. We'll keep updating these over time and will let you know when new content is available.

Client Application Script

We have prepared a script for you to use when taking a client through the application form.  Use it as a guide for your conversation with the client.  The script is designed to help you cover all the key messages needed to properly advise the clients about how the service works, their rights and the risks involved.  It also helps you ensure they understand and provide appropriate authorities.

CLC Application Script (PDF)

CLC Application Script (word doc - accessible)


Client Referral Process

We have prepared a map of the client referral process.  This makes it easier to understand the general process and how improtant things are managed, such as conflict checking.

Client Referral Process - Map (PDF) 

Client Referral Process - Map (word doc - accessible)